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Opportunity - Innovation - Equality.

Enhancing the lives and life chances of young mild to moderate special needs people.

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E-Literacy is a Right.

A Better Internet Experience for All..

Back in 1994, when we first started our computer training, the percentage of older and marginalised people who were computer literate was tiny. In low single figures. Today 55% of older and vulnerable Irish people are computer literate. While the figure is encouraging it's well below EU 28 averages. We clearly have a lot more  to do making information technologies more democratic and inclusive.
After the lifting of the lockdowns  we are getting right back to doing what we do best - delivering community based Information Technology training to vulnerable and marginalised people - because its what they want and need - more than ever. Zoom, Teams, Duo, Facebook and Twitter are no longer just enterainment or schools - for some people they are vital - connecting vulnerable people with their family , carers and mental or physical care services.

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