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Get Involved with Enhance.

Volunteer with us...

Do you need volunteers ?

For over two years our normal face to face programmes have been suspended because of the Covid Pandemic. But we are already planning our return to normal and we need adult volunteers. Formal qualifications are most welcome but we also value men and women who are enthusiastic about the possibilities of I.T. to improve the lives of people experiencing disadvantage.

I know nothing about computers or technology but I'd like to help ?

We need people with some technical skills for our various training and educational programmes - but we also need people who want to improve the lives and life chances of others. If you are interested we'd like to hear from you. [Please note that for some of our programmes involving vulnerable people a background check will be required - its to protect you, our service users and Enhance. ]

What are the key organisational values for Enhance.

As a volunteer run and managed organisation we value the spirit of volunteerism.  Its key to most of our programmes and events. We consider openness and transparency to be cornerstone values for all aspects of our work. Enhance is a registered charity [ CHY 17407] we subscribe to to the Irish Governance Code and we are a member organisation of The Wheel.

Get Involved: FAQ
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