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Welcome to Enhance

We are a voluntary community education organisation based Waterford, Ireland. Building a brighter fairer future for all

Since 1995, our volunteers have provided free IT, computer, and internet skills to economically and socially disadvantaged individuals in Ireland. Our programs aim to empower everyone seeking to enhance their skills for a better life.

"Liberating education consists in acts of cognition, not transferals of information."

- Paulo Freire.



Taking Your Skills To The Next Level

IT Training

Enhance offers free training in basic computer skills such as 

- knowing how to use a computer, keyboard, and mouse.

- Organizing and managing files and folders on a computer.

-Set up and manage email accounts to access services.

- Setting up online banking and accessing online Government services.

Computer Applications

Enhance offers free computer applications training for individuals who want to improve their skills and knowledge in various computer applications such as
 Word processors.

- Spreadsheets.

- Presentation software.

- Getting online safely.

Computer hardware and software support

We offer hardware and software support to contact critical marginalised people to help them stay in

contact with carers, family and medical staff.

Who we help

Marginalised groups in Ireland, including economically disadvantaged people, the elderly, people experiencing isolation, asylum seekers and those with special needs, are the focus of our impactful programs. We aim to enhance their skills and training opportunities, particularly in information.



A better more connected Ireland ..
For everyone..

In 1994, a group of young Waterford residents initiated a basic computer skills training course.

When the group started it did not even have a formal name. The group was made up of individuals with families and jobs in the rapidly growing Irish IT sector. The group aimed to contribute something back to their community. Facing the unfamiliarity and exclusivity of computers in that era, they sought to demystify technology, making it accessible to all including traditionally hard to reach groups.


After six months of planning, they launched the first course, 'Using a Word Processor to write a letter’, they also selected a name – ‘Enhance’. Since 1994 over 2500 people have participated in their programs since, with 400 achieving entry-level qualifications.


They've worked with diverse groups in various locations, including Waterford City, South Kilkenny, and Wexford, spanning schools, community centers, Direct Provision Centers, retirement homes, and hostels.



I went on two Enhance courses one in 2009 and 2016 - one in the Yellow Road and one in Airmount with my friends from Active Retirement. I learned how to set up Gmail email and my Facebook. I am using them every day since.

Brigid – Retired - Waterford.

Get Involved

We need people with some technical skills for our various training and educational programmes - but we also need people who want to improve the lives and life chances of others. If you are interested we'd like to hear from you. [Please note that for some of our programmes involving vulnerable people a background check will be required - its to protect you, our service users and Enhance. ]


How to donate

Donating money and computer equipment is a powerful way to make a positive impact. Financial contributions provide crucial support for various causes, while donating computers promotes digital inclusion and access to technology. This dual approach helps bridge gaps and create a more equitable and connected world.

If you would like to donate in any way you can it would be much appreciated

Image by Kendra Little


Let’s Connect

Enhance is based in Waterford, Ireland.
You can reach us at or by calling / texting +353 85 740 9810.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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Enhance is a registered charity [ CHY 17407] 

All correspondence - FAO - The Committee. C/o  K. Stewart  [Secretary]. Listrolin, Mullinavat, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland - X91 Y0C8

Thank you for your message!

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